About IES

IES specializes in SCADA field communications and related components, towers, microwave backhaul, network monitoring, and polling hosts. We also provide security solutions, from cameras to perimeter security systems.

We will service your existing installation, re-build your current networks for the next generation of communications, or design and build complete turn-key communications systems.

Our staff has over 35 years of radio factory experience, design, service, and support. We have on staff tower climbers, engineers, and technicians allowing us to take any communications project to completion.

IES is ISN(www.isnetworld.com) and PEC(www.pecsafety.com) compliant with our existing customers, and all field staff have Safeland, OSHA 10 hour, or similar as a minimum and job specific certifications as required.

With over 30 years of collective staff resource industry experience, IES Technologies provides, best in class, industrial automation and RF communication solutions to the Oil and Gas, Water, Waste Water, Perimeter Security, and Solar energy markets, focusing on the following states:

  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

While we focus on the Rocky Mountain region, we have completed projects throughout the United States and internationally.

Founded on principles such as integrity, economic value, and commitment to quality and customer support, IES promotes solutions based on the concepts of teamwork and bringing together a collection of expert industry resources in order to design and provide state of the art, application specific solutions, to automation and process control users in the Rockies.

Oil & Gas

In oil and gas, our focus is communications from the wellhead, well pad, and pipeline devices up through the radio networks, both SCADA and Microwave, to the IT hand off.

Water &
Waste Water

In water and waste water, our focus is the communications from the field devices, whether they be buried assets or elevated water towers, back to the central office and plants.


In security, our focus is on cameras, infrared beams and curtains, and perimeter security.

Featured Partners

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Highlighted Projects

Colorado: Midstream gathering system with ~60 meters. Design through implementation, RF design, construction of two towers, all field scada radios and microwave backhaul. Complete turn key system.

Virginia/DOD: Re-build a scada system for a water system, new RF design, remove the old system and build the new system in a way that kept parts of the system operational through the switch. A complete turn key radio system.

North Dakota: Production scada system with ~190 devices. A system had been started by one company, continued by another, with a percent complete somewhere in the 10% range when we came in. We added 3 small towers and built out the complete system leaving with a fully operational network.

Colorado: Production scada system, ownership of the field changed hands, so the old system was no longer going to be functional. We built out the entire new system, ~170 pads, while the old system stayed operational. On swap day, we were able to swap and bring up almost the entire new system in one day. All pad/field/slave radios were swapped out and an entire new microwave backbone was built.

Wyoming: Over a field of 1500 pads we built a new corporate microwave backbone ring. This included 6 new towers, demolishing 3 old towers, a ~400Mbps Ethernet ring, corporate WiFi access, and all equipment. Field SCADA was restructured to remove a lot of the old SCADA backbone and replace with new microwave short hops. Another turn key project.

Colorado: Construction of four monopole towers, spur shots off of corporate microwave rings with WiFi and scada antennas. This was the first installs of this type of tower for an international oil company, new in that it's a direct burial monopole, no concrete, and thus a 2 hour process once the pole is prepared.

Colorado: Embedded contractors to an international oil company for approximately 2 years, with sole day to day responsibility for ~5000 field/slave/pad radios and the infrastructure related to the system.

Missouri: Replace a municipal water system radio infrastructure with updated RF technologies. Unique in that we designed and implemented an Ethernet network with repeaters that kept the Ethernet throughput up and gave serial connectivity to all sites from the main plant, allowing the field PLC replacement project to move at a slower pace after the new radio network was in place.

Colorado: Design and build a microwave access to the pad network for an oil and gas producer. Each pad has an IES designed fold over tower so no tower climbers are required for future service. Direct Ethernet access is available to all pad devices directly from the corporate network.

Missouri: Build a microwave network covering all assets of a municipal water system. City wide coverage with 40Mbps on each link.

Missouri: Build a new microwave and ISM network covering all assets of a municipal water system. The existing radio network was left in place during construction and commissioning of the new system ensuring access and control of all water resources. City wide coverage with 40Mbps on each microwave link and 400kbps on all ISM links. Building the new network in parallel allowed the swap from serial to Ethernet to progress slowly as each site was verified.

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